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Come in… Observe… and if you like, join. Most parents who send their children to the School see dramatic changes in their youngling’s character. Most adults who join (for it is never too late), see their flexibility and confidence improve just like their discipline. As well, there is a constant, they have fun. No dreary, boring, uptight classes. Fun. And Master Raymond has quite the sense of humour.
Master Raymond Mourad is a 8th Dan Kukkiwon Black Belt in Taekwondo with over 45 years experience. He is a 13-time national champion, world medalist, 2 times Pan American Games medalist and was the first Canadian National Team Head Coach 2006-2007.
One of Canada’s top taekwondo teachers resides in NDG… 

4 years & under

The exploration of life. At such a young age, your kids are in full development phase. During these classes, they’ll learn the next stage of walking by exploring different body motion and postions. From learning the basic taekwondo fighting stance, their first taekwondo kicks: front kick, side kick, round house kick and more they’ll begin their taekwondo path. See your kids learn and explore while having fun and burning off some energy with Grand Master Mourad.

Junior offer

The stage of adolescent is a very important moment in everyone’s life – during the classes they’ll learn more complex taekwondo technics. They’ll also start exploring the world of combat with their peers. Throughout those trainings and their taekwondo career, they’ll learn that with discipline comes growth and achievement. This stage of their taekwondo career will make them stronger physically, teach them discipline in and outside the dojang – while having fun.

Adult offer

Wether you are looking to compete in the sport to test your limits, train to maintain a healthy living or simply have a good time – the taekwondo adult classes are for you. These classes are composed of all level athletes, all ages, from white belt to grand masters and we all train as a group to achieve our personal goals. During these sessions, you’ll work on your flexibility, cardio and endurance. You’ll also be able to test your sparring capabilities with different athlete from the Raymond Mourad Taekwondo Academy but most importantly, these trainings will bring you life discipline and some good exercice while growing as a Taekwondo practitioner.