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Welcome to the Raymond Mourad Taekwondo Academy, more precisely, welcome to a place that is considered a second home by most of our long-time students. Founded in 1984 by Grand Master Mourad, the Academy has been in the beautiful NDG neighborhood since 1992. Ever since the opening, we have been welcoming all age students with different goals and aspirations. Over the years, many of our students were able to find a healthy lifestyle, discovered a new passion and some were able to compete on the biggest stage around the world – whatever your personal goals, come and meet us and you too, could be part of the Raymond Mourad Taekwondo history.


At Raymond Mourad Taekwondo Academy, you can expect to get into shape both physically and mentally. And know that sending a son or a daughter to the Academy may not only help the child exert energy and socialize, but also help them harness their minds and gain discipline. A most valuable tool! Come in, have a look, and if you like what you see, feel free to join! Most parents who send their children to the school witnessed dramatic changes in their youngling’s character. Similarly, most adults who join (for it is never too late!) notice improvements in their flexibility, confidence, and, believe it or not, their discipline. But, most importantly, there is a constant among both the adults and children: they have fun! There are no dreary, dull, uptight classes here at Raymond Mourad Taekwondo. There is only fun. And Master Raymond has quite the sense of humor.


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