Master Raymond Mourad 7th Dan Black Belt - Canadian National Team Head Coach 2006-2007.

RAYMOND MOURAD TAEKWONDO ACADEMY Start anytime at any level!


Grit and determination. Enthusiasm. Indomitable spirit. All these describe Grand Master Raymond Mourad. With more than 30 years experience in Taekwondo and most of these as master of this illustrious school, Master Mourad teaches the freshmen as the seniors. He accompanies you through the steps to attain more confidence, determination, strength, assurance…

Always present, he spends most of his days at the school. He is available, sincere in his effort to help mentally as well as physically. He teaches most of the classes. If not, he dispatches one of his many excellent black belt students. In the nervous heart of NDG, you can hardly miss his school reigning over Sherbrooke Street. Seeing his banners and signs, who has not dreamed of attaining his or her black belt at the Do Jang.

The mastering of martial arts seems like a mystic enterprise. At Raymond Mourad Taekwondo Academy, you may get into shape body and soul. And know that sending a son or a daughter to the Academy may not only help the child exert energy and socialize, but also help them harness their minds and gain discipline. A most useful tool…


"From all over Canada they speak highly of this renowned Taekwondo School. Joining is the best investment you ever made."

Come in… Observe… and if you like, join. Most parents who send their children to the School see dramatic changes in their youngling’s character. Most adults who join (for it is never too late), see their flexibility and confidence improve just like their discipline. As well, there is a constant, they have fun. No dreary, boring, uptight classes. Fun. And Master Raymond has quite the sense of humour.